Lifelike Fake Plants to Decorate Your Bathroom

Lifelike Fake Plants to Decorate Your Bathroom

Have you considered adding a pop of greenery to your bathroom decor? And I’m not talking about green rug or towel, but beautiful lifelike plant. Try it!

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Our bathrooms often represent subdued colors. The color of tiles, color of cabinets, wall or door paint, color of vanity…they are often white, ivory, beige, grayish, brownish or black. I don’t want to say they are dull, but kind of neutral and they lack vibrancy. Even light fixtures are often in colors from “safe zone” – like brushed nickel or bronze. So, we add some pop of color by adding piece of wall paper on one wall, colorful rugs and towels, colorful accessories. And yes, bathroom looks warmer and nicer. But how about adding pop of greenery – fake plant which will brighten bathroom and elevate entire look?

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           Benefits of Artificial Greenery in Bathrooms

Not every bathroom has natural light, not each of us has time to water one more plant in bathroom, or simply – not each of us is capable of keep alive any plant… That’s me. And as much as I love real plants, I simply don’t have green thumb. If any of you are reading this and thinking “oh, it’s not just me”, I have the perfect solution for you. Fake plants.

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Fake plants are perfect solution: no maintenance or very low if you would like to “undust” them from time to time, they are allergen-free and last almost forever. Realistic fake plants will bring you the charm of nature with no additional hassle in our busy lives.

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                                Choosing the Right Fake Plant

I do suggest fake plant to complete bathroom decor, but not any fake plant. Lots of artificial plants offered by different places look…okay I say it – cheap and ugly. They are very plasticky. Even from distance you can tell that they are plastic, not mention when you touch them. We don’t want this type of fake plants. We look for artificial plant which look very realistic even when you look at it very closely. Yes, this is possible. Choose fake plants made of silk, fabric or paper. My personal choice is silk due to durability. Premium quality fake plants are a secret to a forever-fresh bathroom.

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                   Matching Plant Type to Your Bathroom

Consider the atmosphere you want to create. Think about the size, style, and color that resonate with your vision, then carefully select fake plant, and enjoy vibrant energy of lush greenery by placing it in right place. If you are thinking of placing a plant on a glass corner wall shelf – the plant should be rather small, with delicate foliage, planted in light texture pot or vase to bright impression of airy ambiance.

                                          fake plant for bathroom shelf, beautiful large leaf plant for corner shelf, artificial plants, by AllSeasonsHouseDecor

If the plant will sit on a wooden shelf with for example with rustic finish, then you can go with small plant with noticeable foliage and pot with more heavy texture and color.  If the plant will be placed on the vanity countertop, then – depending on how much space you have - I would choose small or medium plant, tall or wide, either with noticeable or very delicate foliage; pot could be either with light or more heavy texture depending on vanity size and color. Great option for a vanity, are stems placed in glass vases – filled with artificial water or decorative pebbles – that gives kind of clear, not cluttered look.

             fake plants bathroom decor, by AllSeasonsHouseDecor

Other option for fake plant in bathroom is wall shelf in shower, shelf over the bathtub or windowsill. Again, depending on how much space you have there and color and texture of tile you may choose small plant and pot with more delicate or noticeable appearance.

                                         fake plant for bathroom windowsill, artificial plants home decor, by AllSeasonsHouseDecor

If you do have large bathroom and need to arrange corner, I would suggest large plant with large leaves in large pot. Kind of obvious, right. And the last idea – ceiling or wall mounted planter. Hanging arrangement definitely will bring extra dimension to the bathroom, but again, it must be in a right place as we do not want clutter our space.

                                       Creative Placement Ideas

Often time we look for greenery accent to be added to bathroom decor we already have like wicker, wooden, metal or glass tray or box of different shape and size. We place them on vanity counter, toilette tank, freestanding shelves, decorative ladder or decorative wire rack. Adding plant or group of plants is a great idea.

                                          fake succulents, premium fake plant bathroom decor, artificial potted plants, by AllSeasonsHouseDecor

Consider color and texture schemes, and always remember to create group of 3 items. This is the designer’s recommendation: 3 – rolled towel, diffuser and eucalyptus stems in glass vase. You get the idea. Similar or same advice is for shelf decorating, 3 items: decorative sign, pile of towels and fake plant in vase; or 1 item per single shelf if its size doesn’t provide much space.

                                     Creating Spa-like Ambiance

You know that even a little touch of green can do wonders for any space, simultaneously utilizing greenery helps to evoke relaxation. Yes, you can achieve this with fake plants (just remember to select once of great quality, so they look lifelike). If the size of your bathrooms allows, place a few plants here and there – create “bathroom sun room”, your spa. Can you see it now? Add decorative candles, maybe diffusers to add soft scents. Think of adding gentle lighting and source of music to complete the experience. Enjoy your new bathroom transformed with premium fake plants. 

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